Welcome to Sakarinvalley

Sakarin Valley Resort is located along the pond, shady, spacious with natural vegetation species suitable for your relaxation. You will experience a quiet, shady private high.

Swimming pool

Clean, safe, according to the international standards of privacy, ideal for relaxing with family or friends.


The Interior, clean and comfortable with amenities. You will receive a pleasurable stay.

Dining room

Even a room in a symptom, but it's comfortable with glass doors on all sides with the cool air conditioning systems.

waterfront restaurant

Meet the House cool atmosphere with fish species were found. The food and service is excellen.

Our services

Tranquil atmosphere

When stepping into sakarin Valley. You will find a calm, shady. Is private amid trees, both perennials and ornamental plants, beautiful eyes, Peace of mind There are no distractions from boats or rafts cars bustling traffic.

Luxury Suite

Meet the clean and beautiful rooms with pool , A spacious lawn, ideal for relaxation.